• We Listen first
  • We create Unique experiences 
  • We make fitness Fun 

Mark is co-owner and a tenured personal trainer with multiple certifications including Youth Fitness, Senior Fitness, Nutrition Fitness, and Fitness Therapy.  As a former NCAA championship athlete and a warrior working with three total joint replacements Mark understands how to individualize training for all. He bases his philosophy on creating the unique experience that matches the goals of each client.

  • We are a health and fitness Community
  • We love to be Learning
  • We foster Teamwork

Beth is co-owner and has certifications in personal training and group fitness instruction. After a successful career in the medical device industry she is following her passion for fitness at the LAC. As a life-long consumer of group fitness she is now focused on providing access for Lincolnton. Beth is also an NCAA athlete, a black-belt in karate and an avid rower.